Thursday, 29 March 2012

Wall sticker genius

I love it when you find something really simple but really effective when flicking through a magazine.  I found this fabulous use of a wall sticker in Architecktur & Wohnen and just love it!

I've seen a lot of wall stickers that don't work, and far too many trees, but this really does - I will keeping my eyes peeled for more.

Rebecca x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dress Dreams

One of my most recent findings is this gorgeous dress from Oasis which has to be my favourite shop at the moment. 

But, I'm worried!  I gave up shopping for Lent which, until I saw this dress had been relatively easy, but now temptation is following me everywhere I go!  It's just too perfect, for work, for play, for summer BBQs and everyone is snapping it up.  The moral of story is don't browse shops online when you can;t buy anything (and you have an Oasis gift voucher in your purse!).

Rebecca x